Leaders point out priorities for the sugarcane industry agenda in the closing of the 20th. DATAGRO Conference

Leaders of the sugarcane industry, joined by video conference on Thursday (29), fourth day of the 20th. International DATAGRO on Sugar and Ethanol Conference, pointed out the segment of the agenda of priorities for 2021. Held in online format, the event was part of talks concluded on Thursday, but the virtual fair continues for another two weeks. 

Strengthening RenovaBio advance; work for international sugarcane ethanol as much as product expansion – especially as an additive to fossil fuels – as in Brazilian technology offer to other major producing countries; combat the current misinformation about the sugar consumption; search for equality in international trade in sugar and ethanol; presenting suggestions for tax reform; tax differentiation for biofuels; increasing the stimulation energy generation from biomass; and improvements in the communication industry and agribusiness as a whole with society and the international community were the priorities listed. 

participated in the panel, moderated by President of DATAGRO, Plinio Nastari: 

– Eduardo León, director of Industry Union Cane Sugar (Unica)

– André Rocha, President, FNS – National Sugar-Energy Forum, Brasilia, Brazil.

– Renato Pontes Cunha, Vice President and President of FNS, SINDAÇÚCAR-PE, Recife, Brazil.

– Arlindo Farias, President, SONAL – RN, Natal, Brazil. (guest) 

– Amaury Pekelman, President, UDOP, São Paulo, Brazil.

– Cintia Ticianelli, President, SINDICANALCOOL – MA, São Luis, Brazil.

– Edmundo Barbosa, President, SINDALCOOL-PB, Paraíba, Brazil.

– Mario Campos Filho, President, SIAMIG, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

– Miguel Rubens Tranin, President, ALCOPAR, Paraná, Brazil.

– Pedro Robério de Melo Nogueira, President, SINDAÇÚCAR-AL, Maceio, Brazil.

– Roberto Hollanda Filho, President, BIOSUL, Campo Grande, Brazil.

– Silvio Pereira Rangel, President, SINDALCOOL – MT, Cuiaba, Brazil.

This text was translated by machine from Brazilian Portuguese.

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