Friboi inaugurates three confinements in 2020

The Friboi will inaugurate this month the containment unit Confresa (MT), with structure to 12,000 oxen, at 2.5 turns. This year, we also initiated the operations of Rio Brilhante units (MS) and Campo Florido (MG), both with a capacity of 10,000 animals, with 2.5 turns each. The Boitel operation of the company takes place since 2010, with over 2 million animals sent to the processing units of Friboi.

The Boitel is a unit of confinement that has modern and functional facility corral, integrated management system to production team composed of veterinarians, animal scientists and nutritionists who daily monitor the evolution of animals, and other services that benefit the farmer in step fattening cattle, with all processes that follow global protocols animal welfare.

In addition to the three new feedlots, Friboi also has another five in this model: Castilho and Guaiçara in Sao Paulo; Lucas do Rio Verde and North New Canaan in Mato Grosso; and Terenos in Mato Grosso do Sul. Together, the eight units total capacity for fattening more than 116,000 head of cattle per year.

The service has four contracting modalities, according to the needs of the producer, who can choose to: 1) Daily: pay a fixed price for the daily; 2) Partnership: the animal is weighed at the entrance and the producer receives the thin kilos to live cattle price; 3) At sign produced: you pay a fixed price for total kilos fattened within the containment; 4) per kg feed: paid by the farmer kilogram of feed consumed by the animal.

The advantages of this business model enable the farmer to shorten the breeding cycle and increase the enjoyment, stocking and billing. The producer only pays out the value of costs such as food and shipping, after the slaughter of animals. In addition, there is the possibility of hitting the sale forward or market.

This text was translated by machine from Brazilian Portuguese.

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